Saturday, January 26, 2013

Delussional Sandy

When I read the master transportation plan from Sandy city Utah, I get a nice warm feeling. However you only need to look at the details to realize they want an autocentric city.

"Multi-Modal Streets – Design roadways to maximize use for all modes
of transportation including: personal vehicles, trucks, transit, bicycles,
and pedestrians. Encourage a practical balance between multiple
modes while realizing that private passenger vehicles will continue to
be an important means of transportation." Transportation Master Plan Link to pdf

From the front webpage.
"The South Towne Expo Center offers 1,600 free parking stalls. All parking is located on property in front of South Towne. The TRAX stop located across the street also makes attending events at South Towne even easier."

I Read there is no way to walk or ride a bike here. So take transit and walk across the street, or drive yourself and park in front. 

What multi model looks to them.

Expo Center

Look at the placement on this building. They place the building as far away from the light rail station as possible. Pedestrians will need to walk a quarter of a mile to get to the main entrance. Map
Acording to them they made it easy to walk. 

This 1/4 mile trek, could have been avoided by simply utilizing the space reserved for cars to the north.  Instead they place the building in a corner far from any street. As though it will add to the ascetics. That this place is buried in a sea of parking.

The yellow line indicates there is no way to get to the Expo center from there. You can see the connectivity by any other means of a car centric stroad simply vanish.  You need to utilize both stroads 9400 south and or State streets to cycle to the building. 

I placed a fire maker just south of the expo. Map There is no crosswalk on a trail. You need to exit the trail walk down a hill and then come back up. Which will take you an extra 800 feet.  The trail becomes absolutely useless with out a crosswalk. 

Furthermore it's just an Expo center. Where is the commercial pads sitting around this building? Certainly a few business would want to park their doors right outside this tourism magnet. Sandy believes surface parking or wide open spaces,  is a better way to generate tax revenue.

A real Transit plan would have allocated a trail that went through school property and then hooked up into the Expo center.

If Sandy was serious about creating walking and cycling spaces. They would remove the fence along the trail and add a gate so I don't have to use a stroad to get to the main entrance coming from the south. Of course they would need to do the unthinkable and add a crosswalk so I could use the trail in the first place.

Adding a tunnel under the trax line, for the residential neighbourhood to the east is beyond comprehensible. And besides why would they want to use a trial or Expo center that doesn't connect to anything?

This post highlights the lip service our public officials give us in their master plan.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here come the drones.

Sheriff's Office wants to fly drones over Orange County skies Sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson would not reveal specific uses for the drones, larger versions of which are known for flying over tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan to drop bombs on suspected terrorists.

 He said he did not know the manufacturer or model number.

 The money to buy them came from a grant, but he said he was not sure which program.

Although Williamson would not say exactly how the drones would be used, he wrote in an email that they might be deployed when looking for explosives, barricaded suspects and to inspect "hostile/inaccessible terrain" or at train accidents.

Here is the back door by legislatures.   Source:
But lawmakers adopted an amendment that would allow the use of drones if a judge specifically allows a drone to be used to complete a search warrant, if there is a "terrorist attack" or in "exigent circumstances" when, for instance, a person's life is in danger, such as a hostage situation.

 And why should this be so scary?

Florida's driver-and-vehicle database, the system that can help law enforcement identify victims of fatal crashes and decipher the identity of a suspect, can be a useful tool for cops.
But the system — known as D.A.V.I.D., for Driving and Vehicle Information Database — can also be easily abused.
Data obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show the number of Florida law-enforcement officers suspected of misusing D.A.V.I.D. skyrocketed last year.

From Minnesota you don't even need to be a cop.
"It's illegal to access drivers' license data without a government purpose, but investigations have found that misuse is common. Several public employees and agencies have been disciplined for it in the past year."

So go ahead trust a law enforcement that doesn't know anything about drones, spies on you , and won't let you record them with out arrest. Yea go on trust them. 

Keep in mind this is a law enforcement and society that considers pedestrians and bicyclist as collateral damage.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My skyline view of the Wasatch Range. Looking West. Heading to my new home in Sandy Ut. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Home in Sandy.

It is amazing what a different location means to a car free person.
Today, I changed things up by moving to this neighbourhood.
Sandy Home

I knocked off 1.25 hours of my commute. (round trip)
It now takes me under an hour both ways. 3.3 miles each way.

My bicycle commute now takes residential roads for most of the way. I have no auto-centric roads at all. Well I won't count the 200 feet.

I am still adjusting but so far this is a great start.

I was able to complete a grocery store run all on bike friendly and residential roads. (again I won't count the 200 feet of auto-centric stroad)

Although I am still waiting to see what my closest food store will be like. Not to mention my services I will need.  At least this is a good jumping point, to finding the perfect place in Sandy, if this is not already that. 

With the snow I avoid the rail trail which is by my house. Although the residential roads are not that bad either. (which parallel this)

Monday, January 21, 2013

My vehicle

I have found a Mountain bike with a front studded tire with disc brakes, and a slick tire with disc brakes for the back end tire was all I needed. The front is used for the stopping and the steering the back just follows the front.

This is my second year with this bike. While two studded tires is better I like this set-up a lot. You do need to pay attention and keep the front tire rubber down, or you will go down. As the back tire slides around at will.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The perils of Transit.

Here is a great example of why transit needs to run more frequent and latter. Here the last bus for the 220 runs at 9:45 pm on Saturday. The 72's last bus is at 7 PM on Saturday. The 220 is hour bus service which for 10F weather won't warm you up until you get on the bus.
This gets worse on Sunday. There is no bus service for the 72 and the 220 is done by 7PM. Can you imagine if this is how our Freeways operated this way? And maybe we should as it would equalize the problems everyone faces who doesn't want to destroy the Earth with their personal motor? Or in our valley contribute to the inversion smog selfishly. Let the motorists' share the personal sacrifice of these hero's.

Here You can see I can take the most direct way and it takes me 50 minutes.
View Larger Map Here the 72 is no longer, and I need to take an extra 20 Minutes and head all the way around. (Google shows a 960 and that was eliminated from what I see.)

View Larger Map

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Car Share

I did my first car share today. A Ford Focus.

When I got to the location,  the car wasn't. I had called and reached a human who said it is just south of there.   Only problem it wasn't.

I had another car there and used that, it was seamless. However it did make me wonder how reliable this is really going to be?  If they are going to be  so pushy to "go find the car" when they were directing me into a field. That of course is after I jumped over the fence.

I got the car and drove off.  I reached my destination and then came back. I was doing a move of my stuff to my new room. This journey didn't tease to me to try it again any time soon. The drive was depressing down State street. What I call Autocentric hell road. I will talk about that in another post.

With car share only .6 miles away I guess we will see how tempted I am to use this again.

I was able to rent the thing for 3 hours on 30 bucks.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Living off the gird

Living off the gird. Another piece to end the Madness.
Sun stoves.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Motorists don't come close to paying 100% of the roads they use. No one does, but that is not what they think.

This article highlights the denial in Utah. Keeping in mind the gas tax hasn't been raised in 15 years. A portion of the sales tax goes to  Highways  and local roads are paid with bonds, which are then handed to the property owners via another tax.

local roads 

"Mayor Curtis was motivated to come to the Legislature because, traditionally, the city has paid for road maintenance through issuing $1.2 million in debt every ten years via a bond. The downside of that approach has been that, as a debt instrument, the bond requires the city to use some of the increased property tax revenues that the bond creates to pay interest on the bond – money which they would prefer to use on road maintenance."

Why not make the motorist pay for the destruction to the roads?  After all they want to be able to claim they pay for the roads they use!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bike on Transit

Bike on transit is such a huge problem solver to sprawl.
The transit takes care of the longer distances, and the bike takes care of the unwalkable mess we are left with, after there is no practical bus service.Unless you just want a nice bike ride and can't cycle the entire distance. As seen here, I make the 12.5 mile journey only 4 miles.

From the UTA 
bicycles and UTA 
BIKES ON BUS AND RAILEvery UTA bus is equipped with a bicycle rack and bicycles are allowed on the TRAX and FrontRunner trains. Employees can bicycle to the bus stop, TRAX and FrontRunner stations, or Park & Ride and combine the benefits of cycling with the convenience of transit.

PDF to all the rules with what modes of transit. 

Bicycle commuting is good business for you and your health. It reduces the number of automobile trips to and from work while promoting clean air, easing congestion and creating more livable communities.

Creating a "Friendly Facility" is a step towards encouraging your fellow employees to commute by bicycle. Your facility could include showers, lockers, covered-secure bike parking, and safety information.

 LOOKING FOR A "BIKE BUDDY"Create a profile and input your starting point and daily commute destination on our ridematching website you can be matched with a "Bike Buddy" to make your bicycle commute safer and more enjoyable. If a match is not made, keep your profile active so others may find you!

Bike Lockers

Want to keep your bike clean, dry, and secure while you’re at work? You can now rent a bicycle storage locker at most UTA TRAX and FrontRunner stations. These lockers are in addition to the free bike racks for even more bike parking. Bicycle lockers can be rented with a one-time refundable key deposit of $30 and an annual rental fee of $70. Lockers are available on a first come first serve basis. To reserve a bicycle locker or for more information, please contact Curtis Clayton at or 801-287-2132.

Bike transit Center

Monday - Friday | 7am - 6pm | 801-359-0814 | 250 South 600 West (inside Intermodal Hub building)

- Fully secured, temperature controlled year round bike storage facility.
- In house full service repair facility with BTC member discounts.
- Shower facility available for BTC members during BTC hours (7am-6pm).
- Comprehensive line of bike rentals to accomodate friends, clients, businesses, and tourists.
- Complete line of cycling accessories, specializing in commuter specific products.
- Evening classes available for all DIY bike mechanics.
- Scheduled community rides through Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Imagine if our roads fell under the same scrutiny as Mass transit?

Imagine if we just started closing roads because of low use? Or shut them down for portions of the weekend. I don't think this is to impractical. Sure a different metric would be needed. However you can't overlook all the maintenance that goes into providing redundant streets for two ton tanks. Or providing a 6 lane road for the four hours out of the 24 hours, that road is heavily used. Ohh and the gas tax for Utah hasn't been raised since 1997. Talk about fiscal responsibility. Infaltion alone would have depleted over 45% of its funding. Keep in mind motorist raid the Utah sales tax fund for their funding also. I don't think this is too far fetcedh considering they are seeking to expand their road infrastructure at the same time. Service reductions in Salt Lake County: Bus Service: Effective April 14, 2013, Route 550 will be eliminated and replaced by the new, higher frequency TRAX service to the Airport. The following routes will be eliminated due to low ridership: Weekday – Routes 523 and 527. Saturday – Route 227. Sunday – Routes 6 and 240. In addition, Flex Route F547 will convert to 60 minute frequency. Additional time changes and service hour changes will be made to improve reliability and connectivity at major transfer locations in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County.

Friday, January 11, 2013

No warning on driving a car.

So the smog lifted and if you look at the alert sent out. This is typical windshield perspective  here. Now the smog has lifted.  Burn things in the proper manner, but drive with reckless abandon within regards to the pollution cars emit.
Wouldn't hurt to include an automobile in this same sentence, now would it?

The UNRESTRICTED ACTION CONDITION is issued for SALT LAKE / DAVIS Counties, UTAH County, WEBER County, BOX ELDER County, CACHE Valley and TOOELE County. The unrestricted condition means that wood and coal burning stoves and fireplaces may be used but please use them in a proper manner to reduce air pollution emissions.

Air Quality Conditions are GOOD for SALT LAKE / DAVIS Counties, UTAH County, WEBER County, BOX ELDER County, CACHE Valley, TOOELE County, DUCHESNE County and UINTAH County.

Air quality and Wood Burn conditions are as follows:

SALT LAKE / DAVIS Counties: Air Quality Condition: Good

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smog now gone and now we get the storm.

The smog has lifted OMG the smog has lifted. Of course it takes an act of nature to clear the man made destruction.

upside down snowstorm link
An "upside down" winter storm which brought double-digit snowfall to much of northern Utah was expected to taper off Saturday, but not before blasting the region with colder temperatures and up to 8 inches of new snow, forecasters said.
While this was taken on Wednesday before the storm, and there is a bit of pollution. I have yet been able to take a descent shot since the clouds are a bit low of course. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Treat them like a second class citizen.

This is probably the most insane bicycle/pedestrian trail I ever seen.

Here you need to dismount your bicycle to enter the sidewalk?
Are you serious, and then what get back on the bike and ride down the sidewalk. (since that would be legal)

And there is no crossing here you need to cross at the a signal. Heaven forbid they make a ped/bicycle crossing on the trail.   One nice thing here is you can take your dismounted bike and place it on the shoulder and then whip a u turn.

Keep in mind there is a curb there. So placing it on the shoulder is what would be needed.

And where is this Crossing you might ask? 

That is right way down there, This is a joke.  Looking to the east. So how about the west?

Yea even farther and down a hill. So they made this trail, and then you need to go all the way down there to cross the street to use the trail.

can you imagine if we made a Freeway this way, Where you had to exit the freeway drive 5 miles and then get back on the Freeway. Yea people would say that is insane.

Of course after you dismount your bicycle you will run into this insane nurf world. Don't to forget to look both ways, because that RR arm and blinding red light just might not turn on.  Oh and if we put a gate there that will make us feel real safe.  You will notice the gate only is one way. Like since they had the fence there already why not make walking riding your bike harder.

This is a great example of treating people as second class citizens.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First impressions of a SALT Transit

Great rail infrastructure.  This was born out of the need to get the Olympics. They realized the benefits and had a plan in 2015 to build out their light rail.

Now its 2013 and most of the rail infrastructure complete, and not much else to do. You can see this in their 30 year plan with no real improvements.

The tickets cost 2.35   and all day pases cost 5.75. The  extra 15 cents makes things difficult.  I found machines which wouldn't take dollar bills (never will take credit) and forced me to walk 2 miles to the next train station.  When I spoke to  the cop, who was looking at my ticket on the train.  He stated I would be left to contest a $175 ticket.  

While ticket readers are great.  Do we need roving police checking tickets? Couldn't we spend our resources looking out for crime and hire a few conductors to read tickets from us?   Its more like saturation than randomness I am constantly being checked by the police.

I found machines that wouldn't take credit cards, but then a few days latter did. The inconstancy of these machines is a pain. You can go here to look at the machines which take credit cards. credit cards

Buying a monthly transit pass is difficult with not many stores outlets. They do allow you to pay with isis, but you need a working phone. Anyone caught with a dead battery will be stuck. You also need to tap and tap off at these terminals,  not very friendly. FYI the list they hand out isn't accurate, as I went to go buy a pass and the business was no longer there. Furthermore once they run out, your screwed and need to call in advance to ensure they have them.

The discount programs are difficult to follow. They want us to buy an eco pass for all 350 employees Yea right that won't happen.

Eco Pass pricing is based on the level of transit service at each separate business location and the total employee base. Sponsoring companies must employ a minimum of 35 persons and passes must be purchased for ALL employees at the work location. A one-year contract is required. An Eco Pass representative will create a personal quote for your business. Many companies choose to subsidize the program and use it for a recruiting tool. Consequently, progressive programs like the Eco Pass can help build employee loyalty.

The coop plan states we need to employ 70 people into the plan.  Again that is a hard number to come by. Furthermore our company is not going to enroll in any of these plans.

The Co-op Transit Pass is a company-sponsored program that provides discounted monthly passes for employees. Passes must be purchased for 20 percent of the employees working at the sponsoring business location. UTA discounts the monthly cost of a regular or premium pass by 20 percent. The company subsidizes another 30 percent. Employees are then able to purchase passes at a 50 percent discount.

The train I ride is the Blue to Sandy  (Draper coming this year as part of the 2015 plan). It's off the streets so it provides a fast ride, but has many stops which slows this down.  It splits an industrial zone in most areas and really seems out of place where people would walk and connect to light rail.

The one bus I do ride is a flex route which offers paratransit. Or curb to curb service.  Known as the Flex 514. It is slow and goes off route to provide the curb to curb service.  It does go to bus stops which are signed.  However you can flex the route and schedule a 3/4 mile stop along the route. Up two deviations are allowed. For this reason the bus could be up to 15 minutes late as an expectation.

Not all bus stops have a location id, even though there is a spot to put one. 

 The web 2.0 hasn't hit this transit. I can't tell when my bus will come via web site. They do have a stripped down version of the website which is nice. Trying to plan a trip is easier on the google than UTA.

When looking for credit card ticket machines they provide a nice "map it" link. However when you want to look at the sales outlet stores you get no link and must paste the address  into google. 

The passes are a complete joke. A cardboard pass is all you get for $78.5. No way to redeem your lost or stolen card of course. In Minneapolis they handout "debit card devices" I can then add  cash or monthly passes on these devices and then card readers on buses and trains read them. I can  replace my card if lost or stolen.

Not only does this cut down on administration costs, but  people board the bus faster. Its a win win situation that is so obvious many cities are doing it. Denver will be the next. When will UTA pull its head out of its ass and provide these simple changes many other cities already have?

Frequency is 15 minutes for trains and hour service for flex routes. The blue line's first run into Sandy is well past 6 AM   leaving me with a huge reroute or  to work latter.   On the flip side flex only runs until 7:30 PM. Trying to squeeze a 8 hour day in this time frame is difficult. Flex route doesn't even run on the weekend. With the price I pay the frequency is disappointing.

This pretty much sums up my first impression.

Trailer pulls

I completed a short 1 mile bike ride to a grocery store. Bought 62 dollars worth of food.

Trailer pulls.

I needed to pick up the remaining packages I had shipped. I wanted a more secure way to ship expensive items and used Fedex.

52 dollars was the bill for roughly 40 pounds. There is a 24 hour Fedex location in downtown Salt Lake city.

It was a cold 17F 4.8 mile ride. The air pollution burned my sick throat and was glad when the ride was over.

Here is my ride.

View Fedex in a larger map

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More smog

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has issued an ‘MANDATORY ACTION' NO BURN for SALT LAKE/DAVIS Counties, UTAH County, WEBER County, CACHE County, TOOELE County and UINTAH County, and a 'VOLUNTARY ACTION’ NO BURN condition for BOX ELDER County and DUCHESNE County for Saturday, January 5, 2013.

Air quality conditions and health statements are as follows:

SALT LAKE/DAVIS Counties: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people,
Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. 

Still living in car smog

Still living in the car smog, and I hear these types of reports. People must be living in denial. How can we accept this?

What is apparent here is they just wanted this handout no matter what the environment cost.  Evidence is clear.

How they sell it.
cash for clunkers report.
"Back in 2009, President Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers” program was supposed to be a boon for the environment and the economy."

What it really means.

"According to a recent TriCities op-ed from Mike Smith of Ralph Smith Motors in Virginia, CARS created a dearth of used cars, artificially driving up prices. For those who needed an affordable car, but didn’t qualify for the program, this increase in price meant affordable transportation was well out of reach. It also meant used-car dealers, most of whom are independently owned, small-business owners, had little to no stock. According to Smith, 122 Virginia dealers chose not to renew their licenses after that year."

Stuck in read tape. 

"The program's first mistake seems to have been its focus on car shredding, instead of car recycling. With 690,000 vehicles traded in, that's a pretty big mistake."

"Shredding vehicles results in its own environmental nightmare. For each ton of metal produced by a shredding facility, roughly 500 pounds of “shredding residue” is also produced, which includes polyurethane foams, metal oxides, glass and dirt. All totaled, about 4.5 million tons of that residue is already produced on average every year. Where does it go? Right into a landfill."

"E Magazine states recycling just the plastic and metal alone from the CARS scraps would have saved 24 million barrels of oil. While some of the “Clunkers” were truly old, many of the almost 700,000 cars were still in perfectly good condition. In fact, many that qualified for the program were relatively “young,” with fuel efficiencies that rivaled newer cars."

Friday, January 4, 2013

Another day bieng dominated by the autombile.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has issued an ‘MANDATORY ACTION' wood burn for SALT LAKE/DAVIS Counties, UTAH County, WEBER County and CACHE County and a 'VOLUNTARY ACTION’ wood burn condition for BOX ELDER County, TOOELE County, DUCHESNE County and UINTAH County for Friday, January 4, 2013.

Air quality conditions and health statements are as follows:

SALT LAKE/DAVIS Counties: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people, Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.  

UTAH County: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people, Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.  Everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

WEBER County: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people, Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.  

BOX ELDER County: Air Quality Condition: Moderate, Wood Burn Forecast: VOLUNTARY NO BURN
Health Advisory: None

CACHE County: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people, Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.  

TOOELE County: Air Quality Condition: Moderate, Wood Burn Forecast: VOLUNTARY NO BURN
Health Advisory: None

DUCHESNE County: Air Quality Condition: Moderate, Wood Burn Forecast: VOLUNTARY NO BURN
Health Advisory: None

UINTAH County: Air Quality Condition: Moderate, Wood Burn Forecast: VOLUNTARY NO BURN
Health Advisory: None

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another day living in the car smog.

Air Quality Index (AQI)
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Health Message: People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just reminder cars suck!

Air quality conditions and health statements are as follows:

SALT LAKE/DAVIS Counties: Air Quality Condition: Unhealthy for sensitive people, Wood Burn Forecast: NO BURN
Health Advisory:  Sensitive people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.  Everyone else should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion.

PM2.5 Ozone
26.7 µg/m3 .017 ppm

Temperature Wind
18° F NW 4 mph
As with temperature, air pollution varies throughout the day.
Persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity during the mid-morning and afternoon hours. Wood/coal stoves or fireplaces must not be used. Reduce vehicle use by consolidating trips. Industry should optimize operating conditions to minimize air pollution emissions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To highlight what the automobile abuse and dominance with out effective regulation has led us to.  This is a current image folks. You should see the valley below, but don't. This unacceptable and we should do more.

We only need to look at the air we breath. Automobile tail pipe emissions  contributes to most of our air quality problems. To compound the issue people who walk or ride  bicycles will ingest these nasty pollutants at twice the rate as a normal heart rate.

Here is a great time lapse camera where you can see the pollution in action. This is due to an inversion in the atmosphere where all the automobile pollution is trapped over our heads. Updated regularly  and you can choose how long the time lapse you want to view.
time lapse camera

Normally people pump their dirty tail pipe emissions,  into the atmosphere with little consequence. However when an inversion happens we get a sense of the destruction. While most governments will wait till this happens to take action. Such as calling on  car pools during the alert. We should reduce our pollution by simply reducing our driving automobiles. Even electric automobiles, will consume coal which is 70% of our power source.

Here is the Air quality monitoring page for Slat lake City. This is part of the hidden cost of the automobile. Not only do we need to monitor the air and spend millions doing so. The cost of health care  from these consequences is passed onto everyone.

Air quality monitor page.


Health Message: Unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

Can you think of anything else we would allow to continue to happen? I can't, we live in a ban and regulate world. However when it comes to the automobile  nothing to see there. Sucks to be you if your you can't stomach the pollution.