Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today was the first day I had seen fog for a very long time.
It has been very dry and I won't complain.
For my transportation bill I added some safety things.
Another back light, safety vest, triangle, and a new back fender.  I am predicting  rain.

Fall colors are nice and bright. Decay, Damp, and Dour.
Things I will describe my ride home.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

When you go to your favorite photo hosting site and you see the site shut down. It is a bit nerve racking if you don't have backups. Thank fully after about year, we get pics! Yes you will be getting pics also as I have many. 

Thank you for following through. Downed website person. 

Let's kick it off.  I am feeling lucky today. 

We are contacting you as a former user of As you are probably aware Snappy Designs Ltd, the company running, went into liquidation in 2011.
The assets of the company were bought by a private buyer in the hope of resuscitating Fotopic and integrating it into their photo portal.

Subsequently this was found to be too costly an operation to set up and run. We reluctantly abandoned our plans but were aware that users still had photographs on the site of which they had no copies.

For technical reasons it has taken us a while to get Fotopic operational again. We have only opened up Fotopic to allow existing users to view and download their pictures. 
Once this process is completed the site will be shut down again. So if you have images you want to retrieve please download them soon.

You can log in using your existing Fotopic user name.
We are providing access on a rolling basis alphabetically on a trial basis, to make sure that our servers can cope with the anticipated load.

By receiving this email you are now able to login and download your pictures.

Kind regards

Your Fotopic Team

Sent from Fotopic

Monday, October 1, 2012

 From the White House.

Southwest Light Rail Transit
Minneapolis, MN
Coordinating Agency: Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration
Target date for completing Federal permit and review decisions: November 2014
The Southwest Light Rail Transitway (LRT) Project will greatly improve access to major employment centers and all area attractions for residents and commuters in greater Minneapolis by building new light rail service running between downtown Minneapolis and the southwestern suburbs out to Eden Prairie. The project, funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), adds over 15 miles of new track as well as several new stations and park-and-ride lots. The LRT line would improve accessibility and mobility by enhancing transit travel speeds.  The LRT line would link several major activity centers, including Target Field on the corridor’s eastern end and the Eden Prairie Center Mall on the corridor’s western end.  Also, because the project would share track with the Central Corridor LRT line, it would provide a one-seat ride from Minneapolis’ southwestern suburbs via downtown Minneapolis to the State Capitol complex and downtown St. Paul. 
FTA is using an enhanced coordination process with other Federal agencies as well as exploring using the NEPA/Clean Water Act Section 404 Merger process, which is estimated to save several months by aligning multiple permit and review processes to work concurrently instead of sequentially.