Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For me cars represent oppression. A constant request of cash. With simple adjustments I can eliminate these oppressions.

While in the city I don't see a reason you constantly need to drive a motor (a scooter would be nice on the long haul 15mi.). I do have dreams of owning a 20 year old pickup and putting 100 miles a year on it. While stationed out in the remote woods.

So while I am carfree I am not dooming cars, just the way we use them. Addiction is a hard thing to over come. Denying this condition, is even worse. Because you exclude those who are not addicted , and suffer at your domination.

I currently can't shop at two groceries stores in my Area. Why?
Because there is no where to lock my bicycle. I am going to investigate.

Food inflates because of "how we ship" , and we use our food to fuel our motors.

We plan as though everyone arrives in a motor.

We allow murders and injuries to happen at will.

enough slow the cars down and infill the vacant land.

Monday, October 10, 2011

So I saw this all in one day.

Here they block out people who want to buy things at their store!
How hard would it to build a walkway?

Here the City of Crystal MN laid this out for an asphalt pile?
Bran new curb. City parking lot. No Bike racks to be hold.

This rack is always full time for some more parking. They also did this rack wrong way to close to the wall. So you can't park straight basically. I will get a flip picture for ya.

This person better get a better lock.

This is going to be my vblog someday so look for it. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Commutes to Work.

View My commute in a larger map
I drive 3 miles to work.
There is no dedicated cycling infrastructure on the streets I ride.
There is no mass transit service at all.

I have three choices, for the distance I want to travel.

From north to south.

63rd street Yellow

Bass Lake Road, Red

49th ave. Green

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I eat. Car free is more than just one thing, but many. By not cooking food I am twice as finished as the next guy. Plus no messy dishes, or a need for a stove! Simple that is what car free is all about.

A small sample below. I toured all over and a raw diet stuck to me.

cheese swiss, american
apple, orange, carrot, tomato juice.
PB and jelly sandwich
dried apricots

Bean burritos
cheese pizza