Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 20 Mph speed limit.

It often baffles me why anyone should be allowed to go drive a tank more than 20 mph on the street. There is the freeway where you can do 55,65,70,75

You can now drive a tank 50,45,40,35,30,25,  Portland took a big step towards 20MPH on a street and not be held accountable when you some once dies. (happens all the time)

We know the end results someone (95)  will die daily, and thousands will be left injured. Some with disabling injures.

Our response drive fast! Over time this has turned a privilege into faster!

Americans should be ashamed, they have been given the answer in how to save lives. If every one went 20 MPH you wouldn't have all the death and desecration simple as that. More importantly people who don't want anything to do with motors, wouldn't have to subject themselves tanks speeding* down the road.

There are solutions, but we fail to implement anything. Black boxes would validate the 20MPH speed limit but we can't do that. Because that would provide the answer.

Opponents will argues that it would take for ever to get anywhere and they should have to be subject to going 20MPH on all the roads. Two that it couldn't be enforced  so let's just stick with what the 85% of people like to go.

If somehow the opponents were not using a privilege I would agree. Yet the very nature of a privilege means you don't get what you want. Here you don't get what you want be cause it kills people. Which for me is a really good option. Why should I have to be subject to your *speeding tank?

Here is proof that 20MPH would SAVE lives !

* Speed to which is  prudent at the time and place considering the environment and road users.  Speeding may very well be 10mph under certain conditions.

See my post on tanks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living with out a grocery store? I knew that was possible. I lived three months on my bicycle in mostly non-grocery lands! Yet how long could oneself go was my scientific experiment? When food choices come to anything other than the food palace? I have Arby's to Walgreens. I have about 20 places for food including a mini grocery (aldi) and a department store that has food items. All within 2112 feet. My nearest grocery store is 1.8 miles. So, Going to a grocery store I am overwhelmed by my choices. Miles and miles of food. I have a trailer so going there is not the problem. The problem is why bother with that hassle. Going to this magical place I pass all the shops I would have gone to. So while living with out a grocery store is possible. I need to change my take outs about every 4 months. Traffic. The two grocery stores offer an interesting view into the world of motorists. In my neighborhood, I traverse down a road diet 4 lanes to 3 lanes. Center, two lanes in each direction., and two bike shoulders. (not lanes) Yet very usable at this point. There are hills but it is less than three miles. The choices are adequate and price seem fine. The grocery store has been there for fifty plus years. Crystal would be considered 1st ring suburbs of Minneapolis. West side. This grocery store is served by the cardinal cross metro 7 county bus routes. North/south West/east Moving on to a township that was incorporated in the early 1900s as a farming community. The city has its own bus system, (which doesn't sync with the metro transit). So no transit for me. I have to cross a freeway, and then the motorists become maddening. I am not sure why but demographics sure has something to do with it. I fell my life is in danger just to go get food. Part of the issue lies in sidepaths. Glorified sidewalks usually on one side of the road to cut costs. To which if motorists don't want you on the road shown through their choice in speed in relation to a street setting, lawlessness, and or harassment. Then sending you to some other place and forgetting about you is what they are going to do. Only problem is every intersection no matter how small and every drive way no matter how small. Suddenly becomes a tank crossing and you get dead if you don't stop. If motorists can't see me in fornt of them. Then they can't see me off to the side. I don't feel I should have to traverse America stopping at every possible tank crossing, when the road allows me to legally sail on by at my own pace. Organic healthy grocery store is 6 miles away. I have to cross two freeways rife with motorists who don't understand the right lane is the slow lane. Or that the bridge lane is not wide enough share. Flashes of me lying on the pavement ensues. US 169 and 63rd street feels like a death spot for me. I 694/94 and county 61 is more fast suburban 7 lanes. In between these periods of stress I ride down empty residential streets and around a lake. I don't go here too often mainly because I don't feel safe getting there. 2 Bakeries A mexican place and a surplus store. I go here every so often. One is on the way to work and the other is near me. You know understand how to pick a place in relation to your house. You will need to pick. I have a bit of experience in getting this task done. So the choice was based on frequency and enough choices close by too get the job done. Whatever I was going to goto less I would live farther away from . Makes sense provided I had a trailer. The department store is a huge help with out it I would not live here. This provided enough choice for a healthy diet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am always searching to get rid of stuff so when I can it goes. The invention of the smartphone has seen me tossing left and right. I recently purchased the razor maxx and the battery life is what its all about. I go a whole day in using my computer. home internet connection, Laptop, mp3, gps, are on the endangered list. Already Gone land line phone MP3 player in sleep mode, no problem wake it up and then the controls are right there. But this is the 21st century. I get streaming stations from around the world in every genre imaginable Video player with a screen I don't wince at all the time. 21st century Screen resolution is perfect and usable to view movies. Portable computer Needs a TV, mouse, keyboard 21st century web, dlna player (access home file server), Bluetooth, and micro hdmi to have array of options to achieve this. Web browser loads the whole page and allows for zooming with two finger motion (perfect) 21st century 4GLTE /sim worldwide Camera sucks and I carry a camera Functional 21st century instant Web crap pictures / video Love my Gps so probably keep that. ( I will get rid of old one and upgrade) I also have a mini mac (love the design) computer. So a laptop is not necessary. So In The end ( yes here is a hobby or two) Gadgets are small though. All of that would fit in my bicycle trailer. GPS Smartphone Desktop computer LED monitor Bluetooth keyboard and mouse NAS Router Switch Scanner tape backup zip drive 6 X cameras

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living with out a car is not hard. You just have everything in reach. In Arizona that reach was 10 miles + In Minnesota its more like 5 miles. The difference is winter. Yet even here at 5 miles everything is close. In AZ everything was so spread out you needed 10 miles to get anywhere with out just houses. Here is a list of places I normally go. 3 miles to the transit center. .5 mile to bus. The transit center has a certain bus which is very efficient in getting you downtown. Minneapolis at all times of the day. 3 miles to work .2 and .7 miles to food,clothing,dollar store,department,post office,Doctors Office,drug store,my bank,shoe store, police, record store,surplus store, College is a bit of a bitch. (always has been) 7 miles and 10 miles Mom and sisters are 40 miles Don't see them much.