Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So bicycle rack installations are such a a mystery.
Here look how far from the wall this bike rack is?
It is so close you can't lock your bike up correctly.

They did use the right type of rack.

Monday, March 26, 2012

More rain for today.

Weekend was nice. Visited with friends.
My rides were a bit cold as i elected to cover my head.
I managed to overcome the ten minute suffrage and ride with no mittens.

Went the route which tools me where I grew up.
Erasing any chance of crossing HWY 100 has left the neighborhood abandon with motor traffic how nice.

There always was 1980s a pedestrian bridge crossing (even with the stop light at 39th street)..

So its a familiarly odd route. As I have fond memories of the old pedestrian bridge and now new.
The older one was wooden deck nasty and bumpy. It was bicycle friendly though even though I walked it up the hill many times. (tight corners).

The new one is fantastics of course got everything right.

I also remember riding in a van as a passenger many times. across this intersection now gone.
Even was involved with a stop sign runner who ran into us. This was couple blocks down from the bridge.
Pushed his car with a tone onto the lawn.

Van was fine car was not.

One intersection and the changes years make.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

So far away from my memories.
So the summer time cyclists have made it outside.

I went from seeing one cyclist a month to several already this month.

Meaning I see a cyclist on the road. I don't count pedacyclists who choose to ride on sidewalks and side paths.

Many motorists have this infested opinion; where the road should lie abandoned ready to be used, where ever they go.

@ 50 f degrees I was feeling the cool breeze and the rain.

It was warmer when I left at 10PM then it is at 10 am the next morning.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The reflection in this photo is fantastic.
I went from wearing a large winter coat to wearing shorts in a week.

High 80F.
Right now its 68F.

using the trailer for shopping.
Need to get off my studded tires.

There hasn't been a lot of moisture to wash the salt away.
So still using the salt bike.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I think this picture resembles America's mindset.
My mass transit has this tracker and its been six months.

This is my work commute results for 6 months.

Carbon Dioxide Equivalent [CO2e]: 527.1 lbs
Carbon Monoxide [CO]: 13.07 lbs
Nitrogen Oxides [NOx]: 15.64 oz
Particulate Matter [PM10]: 0 oz
Particulate Matter [PM2.5]: 0 oz
Volatile Organic Chemicals [VOC]: 28 oz
Total Number of Commutes Logged: 139
Mileage 560.00
Total Money Saved: $117.60
Total Calories Burned: 20160 kcal (84,349 kJ)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yea so its spring in one post we go from colors to brown yucky mud.

Which makes may flowers. Or March for our weather.

I will post some numbers latter, but for now winter was very kind and warm.

I still found going outside was a major task. In need of gloves at all times if dare ride a bike.

Yesterday was the first time since November I had bare hands.

It was a weird feeling.

In fact I never really even used these handlebars without gloves.

So yea more care free coming your way.

I feel very comfortable right now. I am back in my car free lifestyle.
I had departed ways in 2010 and up to September 2011 driving a van Yuck!

Now I am happy but still sad. Not for the loss of the automobile, but for the loss of a loved one.