Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ski Bus

When people make accomidations for people who don't have a car. They use it.

Here its more of a tourist thing, but you get the notation that we are dominated by motorists.   We subsidize the majority of our cash to let motorists utilize an unsustainable transportation method as a sole means of getting around.

In return we get a half backed underused mass transit system. If they are so bent up on owning the roads then let's funnel all the costs to them. Think that truck is expensive now, just wait till we charge thousands dollars more a year to operate on it.

As a cyclist I would be more than happy to pay for the roads within proportion to the space, maintenance and expansion I need. Keep in mind my sales tax, property tax, and gas purchases already pay for the roads I use. Their is just no quantitative value yet.

Here in Salt Lake they have a unique showcase of mass transit. They have regular service during ski season to the ski resorts. What would seem an near impossible task, suddenly becomes $8.50 and only a .5 miles walk away to a choice of  4 ski resorts.

While it could be argued that private enterprise be had here. By making this mass transit it becomes affordable. Due to the tourism dollar millions that are poured into the local economy. So mass transit may seem like a subsidized adventure. Until you realize that bus generates tens of millions of dollars.

So sit back and look at the amazement of what mass transit could be if we offered this service in other places.

Solitude Ski Resort. 
 In the snowstorm at 8,000 xx skiing having a great time.

 Lots of snow
 Groomed trails and lots of uphill skiing.
 A panoramic of a trail in the woods.
 Going up to 8,600 feet.

 Inside ski bus.