Saturday, January 19, 2013

Car Share

I did my first car share today. A Ford Focus.

When I got to the location,  the car wasn't. I had called and reached a human who said it is just south of there.   Only problem it wasn't.

I had another car there and used that, it was seamless. However it did make me wonder how reliable this is really going to be?  If they are going to be  so pushy to "go find the car" when they were directing me into a field. That of course is after I jumped over the fence.

I got the car and drove off.  I reached my destination and then came back. I was doing a move of my stuff to my new room. This journey didn't tease to me to try it again any time soon. The drive was depressing down State street. What I call Autocentric hell road. I will talk about that in another post.

With car share only .6 miles away I guess we will see how tempted I am to use this again.

I was able to rent the thing for 3 hours on 30 bucks.