Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To highlight what the automobile abuse and dominance with out effective regulation has led us to.  This is a current image folks. You should see the valley below, but don't. This unacceptable and we should do more.

We only need to look at the air we breath. Automobile tail pipe emissions  contributes to most of our air quality problems. To compound the issue people who walk or ride  bicycles will ingest these nasty pollutants at twice the rate as a normal heart rate.

Here is a great time lapse camera where you can see the pollution in action. This is due to an inversion in the atmosphere where all the automobile pollution is trapped over our heads. Updated regularly  and you can choose how long the time lapse you want to view.
time lapse camera

Normally people pump their dirty tail pipe emissions,  into the atmosphere with little consequence. However when an inversion happens we get a sense of the destruction. While most governments will wait till this happens to take action. Such as calling on  car pools during the alert. We should reduce our pollution by simply reducing our driving automobiles. Even electric automobiles, will consume coal which is 70% of our power source.

Here is the Air quality monitoring page for Slat lake City. This is part of the hidden cost of the automobile. Not only do we need to monitor the air and spend millions doing so. The cost of health care  from these consequences is passed onto everyone.

Air quality monitor page.


Health Message: Unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

Can you think of anything else we would allow to continue to happen? I can't, we live in a ban and regulate world. However when it comes to the automobile  nothing to see there. Sucks to be you if your you can't stomach the pollution.