Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Home in Sandy.

It is amazing what a different location means to a car free person.
Today, I changed things up by moving to this neighbourhood.
Sandy Home

I knocked off 1.25 hours of my commute. (round trip)
It now takes me under an hour both ways. 3.3 miles each way.

My bicycle commute now takes residential roads for most of the way. I have no auto-centric roads at all. Well I won't count the 200 feet.

I am still adjusting but so far this is a great start.

I was able to complete a grocery store run all on bike friendly and residential roads. (again I won't count the 200 feet of auto-centric stroad)

Although I am still waiting to see what my closest food store will be like. Not to mention my services I will need.  At least this is a good jumping point, to finding the perfect place in Sandy, if this is not already that. 

With the snow I avoid the rail trail which is by my house. Although the residential roads are not that bad either. (which parallel this)