Sunday, January 20, 2013

The perils of Transit.

Here is a great example of why transit needs to run more frequent and latter. Here the last bus for the 220 runs at 9:45 pm on Saturday. The 72's last bus is at 7 PM on Saturday. The 220 is hour bus service which for 10F weather won't warm you up until you get on the bus.
This gets worse on Sunday. There is no bus service for the 72 and the 220 is done by 7PM. Can you imagine if this is how our Freeways operated this way? And maybe we should as it would equalize the problems everyone faces who doesn't want to destroy the Earth with their personal motor? Or in our valley contribute to the inversion smog selfishly. Let the motorists' share the personal sacrifice of these hero's.

Here You can see I can take the most direct way and it takes me 50 minutes.
View Larger Map Here the 72 is no longer, and I need to take an extra 20 Minutes and head all the way around. (Google shows a 960 and that was eliminated from what I see.)

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