Monday, January 7, 2013

Treat them like a second class citizen.

This is probably the most insane bicycle/pedestrian trail I ever seen.

Here you need to dismount your bicycle to enter the sidewalk?
Are you serious, and then what get back on the bike and ride down the sidewalk. (since that would be legal)

And there is no crossing here you need to cross at the a signal. Heaven forbid they make a ped/bicycle crossing on the trail.   One nice thing here is you can take your dismounted bike and place it on the shoulder and then whip a u turn.

Keep in mind there is a curb there. So placing it on the shoulder is what would be needed.

And where is this Crossing you might ask? 

That is right way down there, This is a joke.  Looking to the east. So how about the west?

Yea even farther and down a hill. So they made this trail, and then you need to go all the way down there to cross the street to use the trail.

can you imagine if we made a Freeway this way, Where you had to exit the freeway drive 5 miles and then get back on the Freeway. Yea people would say that is insane.

Of course after you dismount your bicycle you will run into this insane nurf world. Don't to forget to look both ways, because that RR arm and blinding red light just might not turn on.  Oh and if we put a gate there that will make us feel real safe.  You will notice the gate only is one way. Like since they had the fence there already why not make walking riding your bike harder.

This is a great example of treating people as second class citizens.