Thursday, January 17, 2013

Motorists don't come close to paying 100% of the roads they use. No one does, but that is not what they think.

This article highlights the denial in Utah. Keeping in mind the gas tax hasn't been raised in 15 years. A portion of the sales tax goes to  Highways  and local roads are paid with bonds, which are then handed to the property owners via another tax.

local roads 

"Mayor Curtis was motivated to come to the Legislature because, traditionally, the city has paid for road maintenance through issuing $1.2 million in debt every ten years via a bond. The downside of that approach has been that, as a debt instrument, the bond requires the city to use some of the increased property tax revenues that the bond creates to pay interest on the bond – money which they would prefer to use on road maintenance."

Why not make the motorist pay for the destruction to the roads?  After all they want to be able to claim they pay for the roads they use!