Saturday, January 12, 2013

Imagine if our roads fell under the same scrutiny as Mass transit?

Imagine if we just started closing roads because of low use? Or shut them down for portions of the weekend. I don't think this is to impractical. Sure a different metric would be needed. However you can't overlook all the maintenance that goes into providing redundant streets for two ton tanks. Or providing a 6 lane road for the four hours out of the 24 hours, that road is heavily used. Ohh and the gas tax for Utah hasn't been raised since 1997. Talk about fiscal responsibility. Infaltion alone would have depleted over 45% of its funding. Keep in mind motorist raid the Utah sales tax fund for their funding also. I don't think this is too far fetcedh considering they are seeking to expand their road infrastructure at the same time. Service reductions in Salt Lake County: Bus Service: Effective April 14, 2013, Route 550 will be eliminated and replaced by the new, higher frequency TRAX service to the Airport. The following routes will be eliminated due to low ridership: Weekday – Routes 523 and 527. Saturday – Route 227. Sunday – Routes 6 and 240. In addition, Flex Route F547 will convert to 60 minute frequency. Additional time changes and service hour changes will be made to improve reliability and connectivity at major transfer locations in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County.